Tuesday, March 8, 2011

john and harold

Here's a familiar scenario.   Meet John and Harold.

John, a vaccination opponent (not AnimlNitr8) visits his 75 year old parents at their home. Mom and Dad had been vaccinated.  Mom got influenza, dad did not. Mom got it from him. The vaccination opponent didn't realize that one becomes infectious before the first signs of influenza appear.

So why didn't the vaccine work on Mom?  Because Mom has a weaker immune system, which didn't respond to the vaccine. Mom ends up in hospital and is very sick, She does recover, but isn't the same afterward.

Harold has a strong immune system. He is immunized from influenza through vaccination. Harold .(not AnimlNitr8) visits his 75 year old parents at their home. Mom and Dad had been vaccinated.. But only Dad is protected.  Harold has a nice visit.  Mom and dad are fine.


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  2. Husband of Flu Vaccine RecipientSeptember 29, 2012 at 10:51 PM

    Here's one for you. 53 year-old, extremely healthy active woman receives an influenza vaccine because she wants to volunteer at a local hospital. 3 days later goes into a coma and remains in a coma for 4 weeks until neurologists acknowledge she is having an autoimmune reaction to the flu vaccine. She receives 5 plasmapheresis treatments, comes out of coma. She then undergoes 3 months of intense physical therapy, learning how to walk, talk, eat, write - basically everthing. All a result of a flu vaccine. Few people in the medical community acknowledge this, but there are major, life threatening and life changing reactions to flu vaccines. Just talk to someone with Guillian Barre and see what he/she thinks about the flu vaccine. All of this, to preven a little fever, a cough and some vommitting. Give me a break...